Hello, my name is Ken Tai.

I am the creator of


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I created 3 patented technologies
to empower Math and English learning.

I believe in originality. Therefore I invest in patent to protect what I have invented. I believe in collaboration in business and in life alike. If I can help you in any way, or vice versa, talk to me.

Our team has provided Math learning solution for Singapore Schools since 2011. Despite having multiple-subjects LMS in place, innovative school heads kept an open mind and have been our loyal partners since. That's 40% of the primary schools in Singapore. My team and I, created the Math solution phenomenon in Singapore - ProblemSums!

Check some of my latest works.

We have shifted our portal from problemsums.com to learnlogy.com as we are ready to usher in the English component. The new name Learnlogy.com reflects our commitment to constantly innovate in the Learning sphere, beyond Math.

I live in Singapore
(No, we are not part of China)

I would love to reach out to ministerial and district offices to implement Learnlogy into different parts of the world.

Drop me an email soon.